Indigram Labs Foundation: An Incubator with a difference in the agriculture/agtech space in India

Indigram Labs Foundation (ILF) is an Agri-tech focused Technology Business Incubator (TBI) supported by Dept.Of Science & Technology ,GoI and together with its parent organization Indian Society of Agribusiness Professional (ISAP) have PAN India presence in 20 states.
ILF has a ecosytem approach to support for Agri-tech start-ups at all the stages of their life cycles.

ILF: Highlights of the journey over 3 financial years
• Awarded the “Smart Incubator of the Year 2019” by ISGF (India Smart Grid Forum).
• National & International tie-ups with reputed TBI and accelerators around the globe.
• 95 startups supported so far within a period of 4 years since inception.
• Annual combined turnover of incubated companies: 42 Million USD
• Total fund raised by incubatee startups: 40 Million USD
• Employment generated: 1000+
• Patents filed: 11
• Technologies commercialized : 19
• Total farmers benefited by ILF startups: 6 Lakh +
• ILF startups are active in 20 states of India and working with more than 200 Farmer Producer Organizations.
• Number of mentors: 55+

Differentiators of Indigram Labs Foundation (ILF)
1] ILF has helped many of its startups in client leads, acquisition and revenue generation in a significant way. For startups revenues and clients are critical since their survival and eventual scale depends on client acquisition and revenue traction.
2]Ready field testing, feedback and sales channels for startups through ILF Host Institution ISAP -associated 200 FPOs spread across 20 states of India.
3]Exhaustive network of relationships with Ultra HNIs, Family Offices, Angel Networks, VC and PE Funds enabling ILF to help startups gain access to potential cheque writers’.
4] ILF has gained enough credibility to get any new incubated startup on the radar of various investors who have been actively scanning and/or investing in our startups in the recent past. The ILF Incubation agreement is a stamp of validation for startups.
5] ILF also works with many impact startups where innovations are for the greater good at a community level but find revenue traction difficult because of lack of value proposition to individual clients like farmers. We work with such startups for the long haul fully cognizant of the fact that the social impact is far more than financial return which may be negligible in such enterprises.
6] ILF and ISAP have a Digital outreach under the Indian Agriculture Professionals(IAP) branding of more than 700,000 stakeholders cutting across industries like Agri-inputs (seeds, pesticides, fertilizers), Agri-machineries (tractors, power tillers, harvesters & sprayers etc), Irrigation equipment (micro-irrigation, drip, sprinklers and rain-guns etc) and Hi-tech agriculture (Hydroponic, aqua-ponics, protected cultivation, vertical farming), Agtech Startups and Farmers owned organizations like Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) and Cooperatives. The largest group at has more than 336,000 members. Significant numbers of IAP members/followers are tech-savvy early adopters and influencers amongst progressive farmers, who routinely use smart-phones (android,Ios etc), other electronic devices and regularly access social media tools like Facebook, Google, Youtube and Instagram etc. IAP provides a phenomenal service to its members/followers by enabling sharing and learning among them and IAP platforms are evolving into crowd sourced digital extension platforms for agriculture.
Interested partners/startups can reach out on email at with Indigram Labs-Facebook post in the subject

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Published by Sunil Khairnar

I have been working in the agribusiness, commodities and development sector in India for more than 27 years. I have a B. Tech in Agriculture Engineering and a Management Post Graduation from IIM Ahmedabad.